Kolagen Aktiv-ENGL



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 A range of tones/shades from clear white to pearly dark white, delicate and silky to touch. Absorbs deep into the skin and recommended to be applied to the face, neck and décolletage area.  Benefits: slows the skins process of aging, helps skin regeneration, smoothes wrinkles and firms and helps elasticity. Reduces blemishes, calms sensitive skin, returns skin to the micro-biologic balance, vitalizes skin around the eyes, lightens pigments and takes away signs of stress and fatigue.



HOW TO USE: after removing make up moisten skin and apply a thin layer to the area. Massage and lightly pat until dry. Use twice a day morning and night or as much as required.

Active ingredients: biologically active white collagen

Pearly grey color, which contains small amounts of natural skin melanin, quickly absorbs into the skin. Recommended for rosacea, cellulite, stretch-marks, inflammations, varicose veins, skin irritations and burns. BENEFITS: helps in the fight against cellulite, helps regeneration after sunburns, increases suppleness and elasticity, improves the appearance of visible veins and blood vessels in the skin. Improves comfort from painful bones and joints. 



HOW TO USE: clean the area and generously moisten with water. Apply with a sterilized spatula and massage a thin layer. After absorption apply a lotion or cream of your choice. MASSAGE:  Before massaging wash your body and apply the product on moist skin.  After massaging and collagen absorption apply a finishing massage oil.

Active ingredients: biologically active grey collagen

Dark graphite color includes neuropeptides, melanin and natural amino acids, which are responsible for the memory process, color of eyes, skin and hair and also vision. When applied to hair, it highlights natural tones and after multiple applications systematically repairs the elasticity and the natural balance of the scalp. BENEFITS: Gives hair softness, silkiness, shine and natural tones. After multiple applications improves hair elasticity, accelerates growth of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Strengthens nails, improves problems of oiliness and dandruff, protects skin from UV rays and aids in delicately bronzing skin, improves the comfort of painful bones and joints and when used with massage can help with weight loss.

HOW TO USE: For Hair: on moist hair massage into scalp and apply to the lengths of hair. Wrap hair with a warm towel and leave for 20 min. Wash hair with warm water and style as usual. Can be used min. amount twice a week. HANDS, FEET AND NAILS: moisten the area and massage the collagen into the desired areas, once absorbed massage a hand or foot cream.  Use min. twice a day.

Active ingredients: biologically active graphite collagen