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 Method of Obtaining  Biologically Active Collagen with the Patented Method

Most common and as for all known collagen obtaining methods are based on the technique of extraction with its various modifications. 

3-Helisa is the first and only company that uses the hydratation process as a new method of 

obtaining biologically active collagen (Hydrated Marine Collagen). This process is an 

object of 3-Helisa patent no P190737 entitled “Method of obtaining bioactive collagen from salmon species fish skin”. The hydratation (water absorbability) method has nothing to do with extraction, neither is its element.

The researches demonstrate that extraction causes an impairment of the structural unit of collagen. In result of extraction process degradation of collagen are observed.

The known scientific sources within medicine and bioorganic chemistry indicate that hydratation as a method has not so far been used to obtain protein, including collagen of unchanged structure of basic fibers, the so called tropocollagen = bioactive collagen. 

In conclusion, 3-Helisa bioactive collagen achieves such amazing results through the flawless method of extraction ensuring that the triple helix remains intact during the hydration process.