Kolagen w Kosmetykach-engl

Collagen in Cosmetics


Collagen is one of the most important high-molecular proteins used for cosmetic purposes.

The most advantageous in respect of cosmetic effects is from collagen III, otherwise known as “native collagen” or tropocollagen. Its biological action is conditioned by their unchanged triple helix structure. 

Well-purified collagen used in cosmetics is one of the least immunogenic protein components for the human skin (from a biological point of view it is the best tolerated protein when introduced into the human organism externally.)


Collagen is a great anti-wrinkle and moisturizing agent but of course its effectiveness depends on its concentration in the preparation. It is worth to emphasis that each product of the DESIRABLE line consists of more than 80 % of pure biologically active collagen gel. 

Collagen undoubtfully is also a perfect membranogenic agent. When applied onto the skin it forms a hydrophilic film inhibiting the loss of water. It is also a protective barrier for the skin and hair against anionic surfactants (shampoo, soap, etc.).

Protein preparations visibly reduce their irritating potential and ability to overdegrease the skin.