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3-Helisa Professional Cosmetics - About the Company


3-Helisa is a Biotechnology Laboratory which has been in operational since 2003. We are a young company full of passion for the study of cosmetology and specifically collagen. Each resulting product in our company is a work of art resulting in the extraordinary care for beautiful natural looking skin.

The history of the company dates back to the 70's where research began on collagen. Based On this experience, the company has created a three-helix unique patented method for the production of collagen.

3-Helisa is constantly improving this previous method in order to provide  better and more beneficial results for our clients. The next generation of enhanced collagen discovery  allowed us to combine collagen with other natural active substances. 3-helisa is working on patenting new ways of obtaining collagen.

Here at 3-Helisa we are building a brand that cares about the young and healthy appearance of the skin by creating the highest quality products based on the unique properties of our biologically active collagen. 

We focus on high quality

All the products from 3-helisa go through numerous tests before launch, these include - dermatological, toxicological, safety assessments, application - usability,  to obtain high-quality products that meet the requirements of our customers but also meet the requirements of the law in the field of cosmetics. 

Checking the quality of our cosmetics comes with the specific selection of products from pre and post production. From the very first rigorous selection of our suppliers of raw materials through to packaging and storage we make sure that everything works together in harmony so that the end product is at the highest quality possible. All raw materials used in the production of collagen are subject to regular assessments of mircobiolgical and physicochemical analasys both in the laboratory and periodically accredited in the post laboratories. Our collagen is additionally controlled for the content of heavy metals. 

Under the current system 3-helisa regularly keeps track of the state of sanitary-hygiene of the employees and the whole production which guarantees our high quality product with the highest possible standards of safety.

The finished product is subject to microbiological and physic-chemical supervision to ensure quality. We outsource testing to accredited laboratories  and the physicochemical parameters are also inspected on a regular basis in the laboratory . 

The suitability or use of our products from the production date is 12 months. Every product is approved for sale and must comply with the standard and physicochemical criteria clearly defined in the specifications of the cosmetic.

Each cosmetic prior to production is tested on a group of individuals in external laboratories to determine if the set cosmetic effects will be confirmed by the product. In this way, we asses the effectiveness of reducing wrinkles, rough skin, irritation, increase the effectiveness of hydration, skin density cell renewal and regeneration and other properties declared on the packaging. In addition, during the pre production stability tests on the recipe are done as well as tests determining the minimal amount of preservative needed for effectiveness. 

The effectiveness of our products has been repeatedly confirmed by independent international laboratories. 3-helisa Sp. z o.o has been working since 2006 in the GMP, GHP and HACCP systems that are mandatory in the beauty industry for producing collagen.

3-helisa as a cosmetics company uses the newest achievements in the field of biotechnology. The technology of micro encapsulation of active ingredients, isolation of active substances such as beta-D-glucan from micro-organisms, as well as modern microelectronic technology flakes to make the cosmetics active ingredients able to penetrate into the skin and to store the cosmetics in air tight packaging.