Co jest Kolagen-engl

What Is Collagen?  

Collagen is a protein macromolecule formed from three polypeptide chains forming a triple helix. A single chain contains approx. 1000 amino acids. The main amino acids are: Proline, Arginine and Lysine. Every third amino acid in the chain is Glycine. The chains contain also Hydroxyproline which is a characteristic amino acid of collagen and due to its presence collagen exhibits its thermal stability.


So far a dozen or so types of collagen have been identified. They differ in the type of subunits, a bit in amino acids composition and ability to form specific fibers.

Collagen is an animal protein, but also a human protein, which is the basic component of the connective tissue and structural material of skin. The skin’s internal structure is often compared to resilient scaffolding or a network woven from collagen fibers.

Collagen in the connective tissue occurs with other proteins (elastin) and  mucopolysaccharides (hyaluronic acid).


This structure known as proteoglycan yields an appropriate  elasticity and firmness to the skin and supporting external layers of the skin, simultaneously acting as a link between epidermis and dermis.

It also accounts for the proper level of the skin’s moisture. Almost 75% of dry mass of connective tissue consists of collagen, usually collagen type I and III.