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 We introduce to you our new generation DESIRABLE line based on biologically active collagen. DESIRABLE is a unique skincare line for women and men. We thought about your body and mind. Being young and beautiful has never been so easy before. Touch nature and science at the same time.

 In our laboratories we use only exceptional powerful and high quality ingredients to create our unique formulas. Our specialists take care of each step of our patented production of biologically active collagen. Moreover, we use the active ingredients closed in nano - capsules to keep their high concentration in the formula as long as possible.

 DISCOVER THE HEALING POWER OF NATURE concealed in our biologically active collagen. The perfection of our collagen comes from the patented method of its acquisition - the hydration process that does not destroy the triple helix, which is the main secret of collagens amazing attributes. Biologically active collagen accelerates regeneration of skin cells, moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, improves skin flexibility, and significantly delays the process of aging, which makes your skin look younger and healthier.